5th Croatian CASSINI Space Tech Hackathon

March 27, 2023 — Organised by the Zagreb Innovation Centre – ZICER, the 5th Croatian CASSINI Space Tech Hackathon took place this weekend in Zagreb, where numerous participants used space technologies to develop solutions to global defence, security and cybersecurity challenges.

“When people mention space, they generally think that it is something unattainable. In reality, what you can not see is in the background and what this hackathon wants to popularise is for you to understand how today a huge amount of satellite data is available in various forms to the common man. Today, you do not even need a high level of knowledge or access to get this data. With this knowledge, we come to the most important question: how can we quickly and easily extract information from the available data that is useful to the end user? I hope that as a result of this hackathon, groups of people will emerge who understand and manage to transform all the large amounts of available data into high-quality information and then grow into young companies that will strengthen Croatia’s role in the field of security through the application of space technologies.” – said Dr. sc. Ivan Tomljenović, Head of Oikon’s Laboratory for Remote Sensing and GIS at the fireside chat “Security through the prism of space technologies”, held as part of the preparations for the CASSINI Space Tech Hackathon.

At the beginning of the hackathon, participants were also inspired by Branimir Radun, Head of our Department of Natural Resources Management, who shared Oikon’s knowledge and experience on the application of remote sensing in nature and environmental protection: “I was very happy to introduce Oikon to young people who are just starting their remote sensing journey and I thank the organising team and Zagreb Innovation Centre for the invitation. There was no need for additional inspiration from the hackathon participants, as the mere fact that they spent the weekend developing new and interesting ways to use space sensor data already shows a high level of inspiration and initiative. I congratulate the winners and wish all participants success on their further journey and that they always keep in mind that these technologies are not an end in themselves, but serve us as a tool to make the world a better place!”

Congratulations to the winners and all participants for their hard and dedicated work and we look forward to their future interesting and valuable solutions.

More information: https://www.cassini.eu/hackathons/Croatia

Photos: ZICER

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