Our core business is the provision of development support services – sustainable ones! We like to think that WITH US, DEVELOPMENT IS NATURAL. This is our motto. Within our service portfolio, we focus on pragmatic, practical, implementable, affordable and neat solutions that are going to best serve our clients’ needs and, at the same time, protect Public Interest in the protected environment and surrounding nature.

Oikon is a major provider of environmental impact assessments (EIA), environmental management plans (EMP) and appropriate assessments in regard to the ecological network NATURA 2000 in Croatia, for all kinds of developments in both terrestrial and marine environments, including projects related to water protection, e.g. wastewater treatment plants and sewerage systems, large dams, accumulations and retentions, irrigation projects, multipurpose channel Danube-Sava, protection of wetlands as well as projects related to waste management e.g. waste management centres, transfer stations, landfills, investigations work for waste management centres, remediation procedure etc.

The project portfolio also includes the development of strategic documents, for example, the Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for the Operational Program “Environment” (2007-2013) and Waste Management Plan of the City of Zagreb (2010-2014), or the proposal of the National Environmental Action Plan (2011-2019).

Furthermore, we have substantial experience in working for leading development agencies and international financing institutions (IFI) such as EU/EuropeAid (utilising pre-accession and community funds), WB, EBRD, EIB, KfW, UNDP, WWF, GEF and NATO. In the implementation of projects funded by development agencies and IFIs, we have successfully cooperated with leading European environmental consultancies and scientific institutions.

Regional experience

Oikon has extensive experience in the preparation of Management plans for national parks, nature parks and special forest reserves in Bosnia and Hercegovina (B&H); preparation of Feasibility studies regarding the enlargement of protected areas (B&H); Environmental impact assessments of various infrastructure (highways, gas pipelines) in B&H, Montenegro and Albania; Coastal zoning management planning in Montenegro, Albania; and Baseline studies of flora, fauna, habitat mapping, ecological network (Natura), as well as, Training and Education of experts for using GIS and satellite images in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Turkey.

We also have regional experience in leading and participating in cross-border (scientific and IPA) projects financed by the EU, i.e.  “Heritage – Driver of Development”, “DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0” and, “HOLISTIC”.

In December 2020, we expanded our operations to Slovenia by establishing OIKON SI, Institute for Sustainable Development Ltd. in cooperation with the Slovenian partner CEDARS Ltd. This synergy has created a consulting company and an institute with an extremely wide range of services and specialities in the field of sustainable development, unique in the region. More info: link.

Oikon d.o.o.
Oikon d.o.o.