Andreja Radović, PhD is our new team member

April 21, 2021 – we are pleased to present to you Andreja Radović, PhD and to welcome her to our team.

Andreja is employed at Oikon as a Management Advisor. With her great knowledge and experience, she will contribute to our numerous projects in the field of terrestrial systems ecology, data analysis, remote sensing, and especially in Earth Observation activities.

Andreja received her PhD in the field of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology in 2008 from the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. At the same faculty, 11 years earlier, she acquired her Master’s degree in Biology, with major in Ecology.

She started working as a research fellow at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Department of Ornithology, in 2001, after which she transferred to her home faculty in 2009 where she taught postgraduate studies in several subjects, especially “Application of Geographic Information Systems in Biology”. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Prague, Department of Spatial Planning and Geoinformatics, and from 2015 until transferring to Oikon Andreja was Head of the Data Analysis Department at the University Computing Center Srce with a three-year break in which she was an advisor to the Minister of Science and Education. During that period, she was also the national representative to the European Space Agency (ESA) and the head of the working group on space issues of the Council of the EU during the Croatian presidency of the Council of the EU.

In her work, she has been the leader of a number of national and international projects related to the research and protection of elements or entire terrestrial ecosystems (FP7, UKF, BirdLife International, NABU DE, etc.). She was also active in the non-governmental sector, in the national representative office of BirldLife International as Head of scientific projects, Vice President and Head of the Scientific Council.

Andreja Radović is the author and lecturer of a group of courses on the programming language R and applied statistics, and she holds two courses at the Polytechnic for Technical Sciences in Zagreb.

She has published numerous scientific papers, conference abstracts and has been a commentator on graduate, master’s and doctoral theses. She has actively participated in reviews of scientific papers in a dozen international journals.

Andreja is the proud mother of Lucija and Sven.

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