Biodiversity for Aluflexpack novi Ltd. Drniš plant

Project name: Biodiversity for Aluflexpack novi Ltd. Drniš plant

Client: Aluflexpack novi Ltd.
Period: 11/2020 – 01/2021
Location: Croatia

The aim of this report was to indicate biodiversity features and assess the potential environmental risk and protect ecosystems, habitats and species. Data include Natura 2000 Ecological Network sites and protected areas and species, as well as recent data on invasive species. The principles for carrying out the assessment were taken from ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative) Performance Standard V2 – Guidance – December 2017.
The report included a Biodiversity assessment based on defining the area of influence, detecting areas of high biodiversity and carrying out the risk assessment. Data on air and water pollutants measured periodically were also considered in the risk assessment.
The chapter on Alien Species included the list of invasive alien species in the surrounding habitats and a management plan was proposed to prevent their establishment and spread.
Potential impacts were described as well as their degree of risk for the environment and nature.

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