Celebrating Oikon and Pro Silva Day – DOPS 2023: A Day of Achievements, Team Building, and Fun

June 5, 2023 – Last Friday, employees of Oikon and Pro Silva celebrated Oikon and Pro Silva Day – DOPS, an annual event that has been a tradition for the past seven years. This special day is all about celebrating our accomplishments, strengthening our team bonds, and having a blast in a relaxed and lively atmosphere with awesome music, dancing, sports and laughter.

The formal part kicked off with an inspiring speech from our director and the announcement of the best employees from the previous year. Our director, Dalibor Hatić, shared all the exciting things we achieved last year and our strategic plans for the future. He also expressed his admiration for the incredible efforts of our entire team.

This once-a-year event is the perfect opportunity to recognize and honour the top-performing employees of the previous year. The selection process for the awards involved nominations by employees, followed by a thorough evaluation by a committee consisting of the heads of departments and one employees’ representative.

Dorian Tepić scored the prestigious “The Explorer” award, in recognition of his passion for exploring new directions and driving progress within the company.

Dražen Horvat, who exemplifies unwavering dedication and surpasses expectations in his work, received “The Force” award, symbolizing her strength and commitment.

Lovro Turkalj, known for spreading happiness, smiles, and positivity among colleagues, was honoured with the “Our Inspiration” award, serving as an inspiration to all.

Branimir Miočević was recognized with the “Full Cool” award for his remarkable ability to remain calm and composed even in the most challenging situations.

Our beloved professor Joso Vukelić was presented with “The Teacher” award, acknowledging his constant willingness to share his knowledge and experiences for the benefit of others.

Morana Belamarić Šaravanja took home “The Rock” award for her unwavering loyalty and support to her colleagues in both good and challenging times.

Leo Hrs received the “Outside the Box” award, as his unconventional thinking consistently generates breakthrough moments and innovative ideas among his colleagues.

Stjepan Ključar received special recognition from the director and an award for his exceptional contributions to the company.

Our department heads, Božica Šorgić, Andreja Pavlović, Denis Stojsavljević, and Branimir Radun, were awarded the special “King Pin” award, showcasing their excellent leadership and managerial skills.

And last, but definitely not least – Nikola Bakić, deservedly took home the “Our Best” award for receiving the most nominations from his fellow colleagues across all categories. Talk about exceptional skills and influence!

Huge congratulations to all the deserving winners! Stay tuned to Oikon’s official social media channels for more information about each recipient.

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