Changes in the organizational structure of Oikon and stronger focus on sustainability

January 11, 2024 – The new year has brought a series of changes for our company. In addition to welcoming new scientific management, we have implemented several alterations in the organizational structure of the company, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency.

New Department focused on Sustainability

One of the most exciting updates is the establishment of our new Department of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency. Headed by the experienced sustainability expert, Andreja Pavlović, this department marks a pivotal step forward in our dedication to sustainable development. Andreja, who has been an integral part of Oikon since 2020 as the Head of the Department of Nature Protection and Landscape Architecture, is at the forefront of driving sustainable practices within Oikon.

As we rock the world of sustainability, we realized that the creation of the new department was necessary to meet the demands of businesses striving for sustainability. This strategic move aligns with our commitment to providing cutting-edge services to support organizations in becoming sustainable leaders in their industries,” said Dalibor Hatić, Director of Oikon.

For more details about the objectives and services of the new department, please visit link.

Restructuring for Enhanced Efficiency

Along with the establishment of the new department, we have made adjustments to the existing departments to ensure a balanced workload and operational efficiency. Specifically, the Landscape Architecture segment of our business operations has been reallocated from the Department of Nature Protection to the Department of Environmental Engineering.

The leadership within the departments remains unchanged.

We step into the new year confident that these changes and adjustments will not only enhance our internal processes but also position Oikon as a leader in promoting sustainable development within our industry.

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Oikon d.o.o.