Christmas at Oikon

December 20, 2023 – At Oikon, we enjoy embracing the Christmas spirit in the office. From festive decorations to joyful songs, the holiday vibes bring us closer together and make our workdays merrier. With the annual competition for the most Christmassy offices and the epic Christmas party as the highlight of the season. How it looked this year, see below…

The most Christmassy offices

As seen in the photos, many of us take office decoration very seriously. Some stood out for their creativity and hard work, which did not go unnoticed. The offices of our biologists and landscapers dominated this year, taking home all the prizes. Two offices were so well decorated that they had to share the first place in the competition – the griffon vultures in the clouds office and the Barbie office.

There were creative ideas in other offices as well, and the recycling of materials in making decorations was especially popular, a practice we certainly support in our Institute for Applied Ecology. We hope you found your favourite.

Christmas party

Our traditional Christmas party in the basement did not disappoint this year either. We started with a popular pub quiz, requiring extra tables, and followed it with an equally popular and fun Christmas gift raffle. We rounded off the evening with fine bites, sips, song, dance and a handful of laughs. All in all, we once again had an unforgettable party, and we hope that it will lead us into the new year 2024 with the same tone!

Oikon d.o.o.
Oikon d.o.o.