Conference “Let’s support sustainable 2022: Together for a more resilient future”

September 27, 2022 – The third international conference on sustainability and socially responsible business “Podržimo održivo 2022” (eng. Let’s support sustainable 2022), organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK), with Oikon as one of the partners, took place today in Zagreb under the motto “Together for a more resilient future“.

The central theme of this year’s conference is the challenges of sustainable business in times of crisis, but also the opportunities that arise from the implementation of sustainable economic policies, such as managing opportunities and doing business with a purpose, circular planning and directing business towards zero emissions and sustainable investment.

Some of the world’s leading authorities on sustainability, such as Andrew Winston, a well-known international expert on sustainability; Marc Buckley, environmental economist, UN advisor and Resilience Lab hub within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, World Economic Forum expert; Darija Krivonos, executive director of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies; and Sasja Beslik, an international finance expert known for promoting financial sustainability worldwide, spoke at the conference about the challenges and opportunities facing sustainable businesses under crisis conditions.

The panel discussion “Investing in Sustainable Projects and Non-Financial Reporting (ESG)” featured Oikon Director Dalibor Hatić, who spoke about the impact assessments of green projects, the requirements for high-quality assessment of companies’ climate impacts, and examples of best practices and projects that have reduced their emissions and reported on them in a high- quality manner. He pointed out that all listed companies are required to report on their climate impacts, and the new Sustainability Reporting Directive significantly expands this group of obligated parties to include small and medium-sized listed companies from January 1, 2026. In addition, he explained that reporting on the impact of climate change on companies and the impact of companies on climate change will be a major challenge due to the quality and verifiability of data, the introduction of new processes and changed approaches to high-level decision-making, the lack of sectoral analysis, and the creation of transition plans for doing business in a world where the global temperature will not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius. Climate change is becoming a critical issue and business risk, but also an opportunity.

For the past two years, Oikon has been actively supporting companies in preparing corporate sustainability reports. More about our sustainability services can be found here: link.

More information about the conference: https://www.hgk.hr/zajedno-za-otporniju-buducnost-najava/podrzimo-odrzivo

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