Consulting Services for development of EMP and social impact analyses for phase II subproject areas

Project name: Consulting Services for development of EMP and social impact analyses for phase II subproject areas CONTRACT No. BA-IDP-IDA50980-CQ-CS-16.I.F.2

Client:  Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Period: 08/2017 – 04/2019
Funding: World Bank
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) refers to the Irrigation Development Project aimed at improving the profitability and productivity of agricultural production through improved water management and modernizing of its irrigation systems.

In the second phase, three sub-projects were encompassed in the following locations:

  • Višićka kaseta – Municipality of Čapljina,
  • The area of MZ Svojat and Zelenika – Municipality of Živinice,
  • MZ Osijek, Dubica, Novi Grad, Vojskova, Prud, Novo Selo – Municipality of Odžak.

The development of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) included:

  • Analysis of the current legal framework relevant to rehabilitation projects and the construction of irrigation and drainage systems,
  • Analyzing the available data on the zero state of the physical and biological environment,
  • Identify possible negative and positive environmental and social impacts of the project and propose mitigation measures,
  • Proposal of the environmental monitoring program.

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been developed in accordance with the World Bank operational procedures.

The relevant environmental and social aspects of the Bank’s environmental policies and procedures are as follows:

• OP / BP 4.01, Environmental Assessment;

• OP / BP 4.04, Natural Habitats;

• OP 4.07, Water resources management;

• OP 4.09, Pest Management;

• OP / BP 4.10, Indigenous People;

• OP / BP 4.11, Physical Cultural Resources;

• OP / BP 4.12, Involuntary Resettlement;

• OP 4.36, Forests;

• OP 4.76, Tobacco;

• OP 7.50, Projects on International Waterways;

• OP 7.60, Projects in Disputed Areas.

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