Croatia will host an important international scientific Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts – CWW2023

May 23, 2023 — Croatia will host the 7th Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts – CWW2023, one of the largest and most important scientific conferences in the world, from September 18 to 22, 2023. The conference will bring together over 600 participants from around the world, including leading experts in the field, as well as prominent consulting companies, wind investors, developers, and representatives from government bodies, the public sector, and NGOs. They will gather to share knowledge and experiences and collaborate on sustainable solutions for the development of wind farms while prioritizing nature and environmental protection.

The significance of this conference is immense, considering the ambitious goals of increasing the share of renewable energy sources in total energy production and the growing development of wind farms in Croatia, the EU, and worldwide. While wind farms provide green energy and numerous environmental benefits, their construction can impact ecosystems and wildlife, particularly birds, bats, and large carnivores. Therefore, it is crucial to assess the potential impacts on nature and the environment and establish protective measures before initiating construction.

We are organizing the CWW2023 conference precisely to address this issue, by facilitating the global exchange of knowledge and experiences and finding solutions to minimize or avoid these impacts to an acceptable level,” stated Mirna Mazija, Director of Supernatural and co-organizer of the conference. The conference will feature distinguished Croatian, regional, and international scientists, as well as consultants, wind farm investors, development engineers, equipment manufacturers, and representatives from governmental bodies, the public sector, and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

The first CWW conference took place in Norway in 2011, followed by Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, and the Netherlands. This year, Croatia was honoured to host the seventh conference, thanks to the organizers, Oikon – Institute of Applied Ecology and Supernatural, who are leaders in the field of nature and environmental protection in renewable energy development.

The conference will span five days and encompass a series of lectures, sessions, thematic workshops, and discussions. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to visit nearby tourist and professionally relevant locations, including Krka National Park and the Danilo and Jelinak wind farms,” explained Dalibor Hatić, Director of Oikon and co-organizer of the conference.

While the conference program is still being developed, the overwhelming interest of participants and the record number and quality of scientific abstracts submitted ensure an exceptionally high-quality and productive conference. We are excitedly anticipating September,” concluded the organizers.

Early bird registration for the conference, offering more favourable prices, is currently underway. Participants from Croatia and neighbouring countries benefit from reduced registration fees.

For all information regarding the CWW2023 conference, please visit the website: https://cww2023.org/

The conference will be conducted in English.

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Oikon d.o.o.