Determination of the Ecological Flow of Rječina River

Project name: Determination of the Ecological Flow of Rječina River

Client: Hrvatske vode
Period: 02/2015 – 12/2015
Funding: State Budget
Location: Croatia

Due to the relatively high water potential, appropriate water quality and favourable energy situation in relation to the city of Rijeka, Rječina has various important functions: water supply (Source Rječina, Vir, Vir II), hydropower (HPP Rijeka) and to a lesser extent, in the upper part of the stream, recreation (fishing, picnic) and drive (mill in the Martinovo selo). Due to increase of population and the development of tourism and agriculture, water needs are ever increasing, causing growth and pressure on existing water resources. As they are very limited it is necessary to reconcile the growing needs for water with the need to preserve biodiversity of the location, which is achieved by defining and maintenance of the Ecological flow (EF). EF is determined using a multidisciplinary approach. The determination of the EF included extensive field research of biological, hydromorphological, physico-chemical parameters and specific pollutants at several stations on Rječina River. The study includes:

  • Review of the situation in the basin (the basic characteristics of water flow and drainage area, general biological features, analysis and evaluation of water status, displaying the selected substrate to define EF);
  • Defining the EPP and the minimum amount to overflow sources;
  • Conclusion and summary of the study.

Services provided:

  • Document development
  • Reporting
  • Documentation review
  • EPP definition
  • EF determination
  • Data collection
  • Study summary



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