Development of a cultural heritage management plan for Erdut Medieval City

Project name: Development of a cultural heritage management plan (project: „Erdut Tower – development of project documentation for the needs of cultural heritage renovation in Erdut municipality)

Client: Municipality of Erdut
Period: 06/2021 – 02/2022
Location: Croatia

The project designed and proposed a management plan for the Erdut Medieval City as a cultural heritage. The prepared document contains a detailed analysis of the situation, management objectives, activities for the implementation of objectives and indicators for the successful implementation of the plan. The management plan is based on the principles of inclusive and sustainable management of cultural heritage, with the views and suggestions of local stakeholders and municipal administration collected through the round table.

Steps and results of the project implementation:

  • Current literature in the field of cultural heritage management was researched and examples of best practice were analyzed,
  • Planning and strategic documentation at local, national and EU level were analyzed for the purposes of harmonization with the management plan,
  • Historical data on the wider area and the site itself were compiled,
  • An analysis of local natural and social factors relevant to the design and implementation of the management plan was conducted,
  • The current condition of the cultural heritage was analyzed on the basis of a previously adopted conservation study,
  • The historical / scientific, architectural, aesthetic and social function of the Medieval city as a cultural heritage is defined,
  • A round table was held with interested local stakeholders and local government representatives to collect comments, opinions and criticisms,
  • The existing management structure of the Medieval City was analyzed and a new one was proposed based on the collected information,
  • A vision for the development of the Medieval City was defined,
  • Three thematic areas of the management plan were defined and general and specific management objectives were set within each area,
  • An action plan was developed with specific activities distributed over a period of time, and indicators for their successful implementation were defined,
  • Measures for monitoring the implementation of the management plan were defined.

Implementation of this project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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