DOPS 2022 and best employees

May 19, 2022 – on Friday the 13th on Zagreb’s Lake Bundek we celebrated Oikon and Pro Silva Day – DOPS. It’s a day when we celebrate our achievements, socialize, do team building and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of food and drinks… and have been doing so for the past six years.

We organized activities to stay in good physical shape, such as badminton and frisbee throwing, which were rather popular this year. There were also activities for the brain, such as chess and card playing tournaments. The youngest members of the Oikon team – Oliver, Alina and Marin also paid us a visit.

In his speech, the director praised us all, but also reminded us of our plans, goals and commitments. It is not very often that we all can gather together due to our frequent field trips, so we took the opportunity to declare the best employees of the previous year.

Employees nominated their colleagues for the awards and among those with the most votes, the committee selected the winners. It was not easy for them to pick the best of the best because all Oikon and Pro silva employees are such great experts and colleagues.

The winners of the awards for 2021 are…

  • Ivan Tekić successfully explores new directions, loves to discover and progress, which is why he was awarded THE EXPLORER award.
  • Ksenija Hocenski is our strength – THE FORCE. She continuously gives her best and puts in more effort than necessary to do a great job!
  • Lea Petohleb spreads happiness, smiles and good vibes among her colleagues and is a real inspiration to everyone. She, therefore, earned the OUR INSPIRATION award. 🙂
  • Nikola Bakić from Pro silva won the OUTSIDE THE BOX award because he thinks unconventionally and encourages “a-ha” moments with his colleagues.
  • Marta Mikulčić is totally FULL COOL. She stays calm even in the toughest situations, hence the award.
  • Ivona Žiža received THE TEACHER award because she always gladly and successfully shares her knowledge and experience.
  • Medeja Pistotnik has been with us for more than 18 years and she always sticks with her team – in good and bad, so she deservedly won THE ROCK award.
  • Morana Belamarić Šaravanja and Andrea Neferanović received special recognition and award for their work contribution.
  • Branimir Radun received the KING PIN award as a head of department based on the Management Board’s decision.
  • Ksenija Hocenski received her second award. OUR BEST is awarded to her for receiving the most nominations in most categories.

Congratulations to all the winners! We will post more information about each of them on our social networks.

All in all, it was a very happy Friday the 13th for all of us and we look forward to the next get-together. 😊

Oikon d.o.o.
Oikon d.o.o.