E.ON Croatia – Sustainability Report for 2021 and 2022

Project name: Preparation of an ESG document in accordance with the requirements of the E.ON Group and the Regulation on Taxonomy

Client: E.ON Croatia
Period: 3/2022 – 4/2023
Location: Croatia

The Sustainability Report of E. ON Croatia was prepared using the ESG framework and indicators of the E. ON Group, the Global Reporting Initiative Standard (GRI Standard) and the EU Taxonomy Regulation. As this is the first report, the preparation included setting up a data collection process on Sharepoint with detailed instructions for data collection, flowcharts and functional responsibilities, analysing the applicability of the E. ON Group indicators with regard to the nature of E. ON Hrvatska’s economic activities and business context, assessing the materiality of impacts and climate-related risks and opportunities, and mapping relevant taxonomically acceptable and harmonised economic activities, now and in the future. The preparation included a comprehensive analysis of the sustainability context and a number of relevant documents, regulations and guidelines, the preparation of a report concept and its complete editing.

Implementation of this project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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