Efficiency Report of the Forest Road Network

Project name: Efficiency Report of the forest road network – primary forest traffic infrastructure

Client: Mrkopalj Municipality
Period: 5/2019 – 6/2019
Funding: State Budget
Location: Croatia

The planning of forest roads, as the first, unavoidable and very important phase of establishing the optimal / best possible network of primary forest traffic infrastructure in the field, can be at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Strategic and tactical types of planning are related to the planning of the entire network of primary forest roads, while operational planning refers to the planning of the individual forest road.

The result of the tactical planning of primary forest roads is the study of the primary forest opening of an individual unit or the efficiency report of primary forest traffic infrastructure.

The Efficiency Report consists of five basic components:

  • General Information (general information about the investment financing applicant and the area of ​​investment)
  • Analysis of the existing primary forest traffic infrastructure network (consists of tabular and cartographic representations of all roads that affect the opening of a certain area of ​​a total of 11 defined sub-constituents)
  • Planning and defining the design of the forest road on the map and in the field
  • Analysis of the upgraded network of primary forest traffic infrastructure (state of the economic unit after the new route, improved openness and medium distance of attraction) the relationship between the upgraded and existing infrastructure.
  • Recapitulation and assessment of the justification of the primary forest opening (evaluation of the conceptual route of the future forest road, in the form of a tabular appendix, in order to facilitate the control of the study and evaluation of the justification of the further primary forest opening, combined and transparently and easily presented results by all components or appendices of the study).
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