EIS and AA for the wind farm and power transmission line on the site “Boraja”

Project name: Environmental Impact Study for the wind farm and power transmission line on the site “Boraja” including one-year monitoring of populations of birds and bats with corresponding studies on reports – includes Appropriate Assessment

Client: EHN Ltd.
Period: 05/2008 – 11/2010
Location: Croatia

The project WF Boraja is located in the Split-Dalmatia region and construction of 31 wind turbines was foreseen with a strength of 1500kW per turbine resulting in total WF strength of 46.500 kW (46,5 MW). The project is in accordance with articles 163 and 164 of the implementation provisions of Split-Dalmatia spatial plans.

It included Environmental and Nature Impact Assessments (EIA and NIA), including Appropriate Assessment, as well as bat and bird fauna field research, on the location of planned construction of wind farm. In the research, particular attention was paid to the direction and height of bird of prey flight patterns being a species that often suffer in direct collisions with wind turbines, as well as dusk and night species.

Consideration of potential impact on bats, i.e. methodologies and research goals were based on the possibilities adapted from the guidelines of the European Bats Conservation Agreement (EUROBATS), published in the publication “Guidelines for consideration of bats in wind farm projects”.

The study was carried out through a one-year cycle period in a wider project area depending on habitat characteristics (proximity to ponds, clefts, vegetation etc.).

Activities included gathering of information on species composition, bird/bat activity, potential nesting sites, analysis of habitat types of the wider area, analysis of habitat types of the wider area, foraging areas and migration routes, habitat use, terrain morphology, spatial characteristics and other collected data. Assessment of likely (significant) impacts was conducted, and protection measures and monitoring program were proposed.

Services provided:

  • Preliminary activities for the project of Windfarm Boraja:
  • Description of the process for Environmental Impact Assessment for Wind Power Plant projects in Croatia;
  • Technical documentation required for EIA;
  • Monitoring and reporting of bird and bat population
  • Appropriate Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Nature Impact Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Reporting
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