Environmental Impact Study for the Detailed New Mine Production and Investment Plan

Project name: Environmental Impact Study for the Detailed New Mine Production and Investment Plan

Period: 02/2018 – 03/2019
Funding: World Bank
Location: Republic of Kosovo

For the purpose of the environmental impact assessment procedure of the new coal mining operation in the Obiliq Municipality, the Republic of Kosovo, a part of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study was developed.

The Environmental Impact Study was developed in accordance with the EU Directives, the Operational Policies (OP) of the World Bank and the national regulations of the Republic of Kosovo and contains:

  • analysis of the legislative framework
  • description of the location and condition of the environment
  • description of the technical solution for the development of mines and variant solutions
  • possible impacts of the development of the new mine on the environment (water quality and state, hydrogeological characteristics, air quality, noise level, landscape, flora and fauna, protected areas, cultural heritage, soil, forests, agriculture, waste management) and the population
  • assessment of the environmental impact
  • possible cumulative impacts
  • proposal of environmental measures
  • environmental management plan (EMP)
  • environmental monitoring plan.

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