Environmental Protection Program of Istria County

Project name: Environmental Protection Program of Istria County

Client: Istria County
Period: 10/2018 – 11/2019
Funding: State Budget
Location: Croatia

The project involved the preparation of the following documents and the implementation of activities:

Environmental Report in the County of Istria for the Period 2014-2017:
The report included an integrated assessment of the state of the environment with special reference to each environmental component considered and include separate sections in case of identification of specific pressures or regional specificities or local specificities and characteristics.
The report contains:

  • review of the achievement of the goals of the Sustainable Development Strategy and the Environmental Plan of the Republic of Croatia;
  • data on the state of the environment, state of environmental components, environmental loads, integrated environmental topics and other data relevant for environmental protection;
  • information on the environmental impact of individual projects;
  • assessment of the state of the area and integral assessment of the state of the environment;
  • assessment of the effectiveness of the measures implemented;
  • information on environmental monitoring and the institutional environmental management system and the use of environmental funding, and
  • an assessment of the need to develop new or amend existing documents and other relevant environmental information.

Program to protect the air, the ozone layer, mitigate climate change and adapt to climate change contains:

  • priority measures and activities,
  • preventive measures to preserve air quality,
  • short-term measures where there is a risk of exceeding the alert threshold,
  • measures to achieve limit values (LV) for certain pollutants in the air within the given deadline if exceeded
  • measures to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases,
  • measures to comply with greenhouse gas emission limitation obligations not covered by the Emissions Trading Scheme,
  • measures to treat ozone-depleting substances and reduce fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions,
  • measures to reduce the emissions of persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals,
  • measures to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy,
  • measures to reduce total emissions from transport,
  • climate change adaptation measures,
  • the manner in which the measures are implemented,
  • the order of implementation of the measures,
  • deadline for implementation of measures,
  • relevant stakeholders for measures implementation,
  • evaluation of the funds for the implementation of the Program and the order of use of the funds according to the identified priority measures and activities in the Program

Environmental Protection Program for the period 2019-2023
The program is a comprehensive, integrated environmental programming document at the regional level.
The program includes:

  • environmental conditions and measures, priority environmental measures by environmental components and spatial units of the area for which the Program is adopted,
  • entities which are obliged to implement the measures set out in the Program and the authorizations related to the implementation of the established environmental protection measures,
  • environmental monitoring and assessment of the need to establish a network for additional environmental monitoring in the area to which the Program is adopted,
  • the manner in which emergency measures are implemented in the event of sudden environmental pollution in the area covered by the Program,
  • deadlines for adaption of identified measures,
  • sources of financing for the implementation of the measures identified and the assessment of the necessary resources.

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