Environmental Protection Reports (EIA Screenings) for solar and wind power plants

Project name: Environmental Protection Reports (EIA Screenings) for 10 solar and 3 wind power plants

Clients: Encro Ltd., Soltech Ltd., HEP – Proizvodnja Ltd., Tecoi Ltd.
Period: 2020 – 2021
Location: Croatia

In 2020 and 2021 Oikon has developed 13 Environmental Protection Reports (EIA Screenings) for 10 solar power plants and 3 wind power plants. The reports contain:

  1. information on the project and description of the characteristics of the project,
  2. information on the location and description of the location of the project,
  3. description of the possible impacts on the environment during the development and/or use of the project (forestry, soil, agriculture, climate change, air quality, landscape features, biodiversity, protected areas, ecological network, waste, cultural heritage and archaeology, landscape and visual impact, noise, infrastructure, geological and hydrogeological features, water management).
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