European Green Activist Training (EGAT)

February 1, 2021 – our associate Katarina Miler successfully completed the European Green Activist Training (EGAT), organized by the Green European Foundation (GEF) and with the financial assistance of the European Parliament. The aim of the training is to educate young people, aged 18 to 25, about the European Union, its institutions, issues of sustainability, society and politics, thus encouraging them to promote the importance of green issues.

“EGAT is an initiative through which I have not only learned a lot about the environment, politics, economics and human rights, but I also became fully aware of the importance of action, conversation and networking. The whole training is given by youth to youth and it has been very refreshing to be in the same (online) place with 20 ambitious, young people with different expertise preferences ranging from philosophy, law and economics, politics and project management, to IT, ecology, biology and environmental science” explains Katarina upon completing the national training and obtaining the certificate, and continues:

Being part of a group of ambitious people from whom you can learn so much, and who want to hear what you have to say, and who value everyone’s knowledge equally, is the best feeling I have experienced during EGAT. We may all live in a rosy world, but we are all part of EGAT because we firmly believe that the future can change if we choose to act in the present. We came to EGAT to gain a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of the tools and processes that will ensure sustainable development and more equitable society. Now it is up to us to improve our individual approach in working on specific climate and the societal tipping point that we can contribute the most while also being comfortable in doing that. Although activism in terms of protests is the most straightforward way to make a change, it is not part of everyone’s character. By just believing that you can make a difference, you make a difference. The next step to empower that change is to really do something about it. Change your microworld by throwing a cigarette butt in the trash, cycling to work, and buying fruit from a lady at the market. Once you get used to it and it becomes your normal microworld, new changes will come, maybe you will sign up for EGAT, and maybe you will buy Tesla (although that is not a black and white issue in the context of sustainability either). We, the youth, readily accept changes, and we have our whole lives ahead of us, which means a lot of changes in the bubble that we live in, we just need to believe that they have a purpose,” concludes Katarina.

About the training:

European Green Activist Training (EGAT) is divided into three phases. The first phase consists of learning basic knowledge about the EU and green policies, the second phase includes acquiring more comprehensive knowledge about national policies, sustainable development, energy and additionally about EU policy, and during the third national training the acquired knowledge is expanded, and the focus is on practical knowledge – issues such as applying for projects, creating your own initiatives, predicting the future of the European union etc. The last phase of education is at the international level and includes a visit to Brussels, which will be held online this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this last stage, the participants can apply the knowledge they have gained during the training. They have the opportunity to experience the way that EU works through direct interaction with the MEPs and through sessions focused on gaining extended knowledge of EU institutions while also connecting with colleagues of the same interests from Finland, Hungary, Catalonia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

More information: https://gef.eu/project/european-green-activists-training/

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