Feasibility Study and Management Plan for Vjetrenica Cave

Project name: Feasibility study for the protection of natural value cave Vjetrenica and part of the Popovo polje field in Ravno municipality and Management plan for natural value cave Vjetrenica and part of the Popovo polje filed in Ravno municipality

Client: Federal Ministry of environment and tourism, Ravno Municipality
Period: 04/2010 – 09/2010
Funding: World Bank
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The overall objective of the project is to assess the conservation status of natural objects / shapes that are already under some degree of protection, and bring a new proposal for protection according to IUCN standards in order to fulfil the conditions of the NATURA 2000 standards. As the project area is close to the border the possibilities for transboundary cooperation with Croatia were assessed. In particular, the project included propositions for implementation of the necessary conservation measures regarding species and habitats from Directive 92/43/EEC on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora (Habitats Directive).

The specific objective of the project was the verification of valuable aspects of the Vjetrenica cave as a world centre of biodiversity of groundwater fauna. Other specific activities that were implemented during the preparation of feasibility study:

  • Field research in order to confirm the existing data about species and habitats and to search for unexplored features of biodiversity for potential NATURA 2000 sites;
  • Expanding the knowledge of the critical values and the key factors for protection;
  • Determining the fundamental principles of the Vjetrenica cave under criteria of international practice in terms of categories, scope, concept and management models;
  • Guidelines for preparation of the Management plan with zonation that should fit into the specific requests for NATURA 2000 and UNESCO requirements;
  • Preparation of the monitoring framework for the NATURA 2000 species and habitats
  • Identification of practical measures, infrastructure requirements and equipment necessary for conservation and protection of habitats and species.

Finally, the Management plan (MP) for natural value cave Vjetrenica and part of the Popovo polje filed in Ravno municipality was prepared. Preparation of management plan was performed according to international standards for Management of Protected Areas. The preparatory phase was done in compliance with the respective local legislation. Instances which are not defined by the national legislation are operated according to the standards of the best international practices.

Services provided:

  • Field research
  • Provision of experts
  • Preparation of the feasibility study
  • Preparation of nature conservation baseline study
  • Preparation of monitoring framework
  • Project management
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