Green Urban Renewal Strategy of the City of Vinkovci

Project name: Development of the Green Urban Renewal Strategy of the City of Vinkovci

Client: City of Vinkovci
Period: 05/2023 – 11/2023
Location: Croatia

The Green Urban Renewal Strategy (GURS) is a strategic document of the City of Vinkovci that covers the period up to 2030. It focuses on achieving the goals of developing green infrastructure, integrating nature-based solutions, improving circular management of space and buildings, achieving energy efficiency goals, adapting to climate change, and strengthening resilience to risks. Based on the analysis of developmental needs and potential in the area, a vision was developed in collaboration with city representatives, stakeholders, and the interested public. The identified developmental needs and potentials led to the formulation of strategic objectives, measures, activities, and projects that will guide systematic improvement, protection, planning, and management of all elements of green urban renewal during the implementation period of the strategy.

The basic characteristics of the covered area are described, including political-territorial organization, demographic features, relief and geomorphological characteristics, and climate features. Spatial analyses have been conducted based on natural, cultural, historical, socio-economic, and visual-structural characteristics of the area, including analyses of green, blue, and grey infrastructure, heat island analysis, and others. The subjects of analysis were defined according to the specificities of the observed location and the purpose of their development. A list of spaces and buildings suitable for improvement based on circular principles was proposed, as well as a list of areas suitable for urban transformation and urban rehabilitation with potential solutions. Furthermore, a SWOT analysis was conducted, integrating all previous analyses, strategic objectives with specific goals, measures, and activities, along with explanations and horizontal principles. The last chapter includes indicators, as well as an indicative financial and timeline plan for implementation.

Implementation of this Project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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