Inventory and valorization of vegetation in the Park of the Newlyweds

Project name: Inventory and valorization of vegetation in the Park of the Newlyweds

Client: City of Zagreb
Period: 08/2023 – 10/2023
Location: Zagreb, Croatia

The Park of the Newlyweds, situated in the Siget neighbourhood, is the first park in Novi Zagreb. Originating from a concept by landscape architect Smiljan Klaić, couples traditionally plant a tree within its grounds following their marriage, symbolizing the burgeoning growth and endurance of their love.

However, in July 2023, a fierce storm with powerful winds and heavy rainfall wreaked havoc on the park, resulting in significant damage, with numerous trees either broken or uprooted.

To address this, a comprehensive project was initiated to inventory and assess the park’s vegetation, a crucial step prerequisite for the subsequent technical documentation needed for the park’s redesign. This process involved meticulously identifying and describing each species, noting specifics such as name, trunk diameter, height, and the presence or absence of a crown. Furthermore, each species was evaluated to determine if pruning or removal was warranted due to potential hazards posed to park users.

Additionally, every tree was meticulously georeferenced, complemented by a corresponding geodetic image for precise location documentation.

Following this thorough inventory, it was revealed that the Park of the Newlyweds harboured a total of 691 recorded trees within its confines.

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