Research and monitoring of wolves in Biokovo Nature Park

Project name: Research and monitoring of wolves in Biokovo Nature Park

Client: PI „Biokovo Nature Park“
Period: 08/2013 – 08/2016
Funding: State Budget
Location: Croatia

The objective of the project “Three year monitoring of wolves” included:

  • determination of presence, number and wolf pack stability,
  • home range
  • degree of isolation of Biokovo as a consequence of highway construction.

The methods used included GPS telemetry, programmed to monitor geographic position every three hours on two tagged wolves and data collection once a month. During the project cycle 5 photo traps were periodically repositioned throughout the entire site area. Site visits included the use of acoustic methods for assessment of species number. All data was entered into GIS database. An analysis of the diet of wolves was also made on the basis of the collected excrement.

The final analysis included the evaluation of biological, landscape and geological diversity upon which zones for conservation of natural values of Biokovo Nature Park were proposed.

Services provided:

  • Existing state analysis
  • Wolf presence determination
  • GPS telemetry
  • Wolf diet analysis
  • GIS analysis
  • Documentation development
  • Reporting
  • Data collection
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