EIAs for Development Projects between 2012 – 2014: 12 gas-pipeline projects

Project name: Environmental Impact Assessments for Development Projects between 2012 – 2014: 12 gas-pipeline projects

Client: Plinacro Ltd.
Period: 04/2015 – 10/2015
Funding: State Budget
Location: Croatia

According to the Plan of development, construction and modernization of gas transmission system in the Republic of Croatia, 12 projects have been planned from 2012 to 2014.

All these projects required environmental impact assessment.

Studies and assessments included:

  • Existing environmental condition analysis (soil, hydrology, land use, forest ecosystems, bioecological characteristics, landscape, noise level)
  • Noise modelling
  • Impact assessment on quality of underground and surface water
  • Impact assessment on soil, forests, flora, fauna, protected areas, economic activities, land use, landscape
  • Mitigation measures and monitoring
  • GIS backup
  • Document integration
  • Document review
  • Interviews and meetings with competent authorities
  • Participation in the procedures for environmental impact assessment

All specified potential impacts and impact of accidents are valued for period of gas pipeline construction and for usage period. Mitigation measures and environmental monitoring programme are provided in relation with estimated or calculated impact. Where necessary, few alternatives of gas pipeline routes were suggested and analysed. After public insight and hearing, state Commission for impact assessments accepts assessment and suggested route and issue Development Consent. As a part of EIS Nature Impact Assessment ((NIA) Appropriate assessment) or only NIA Screening was developed. For international high-pressure gas-pipelines additionally implementation of procedures in accordance with international obligations prescribed by ESPOO Convention were conducted.

Services provided:

  • Environmental condition analysis 
  • Noise modelling
  • Water quality assessment
  • Mitigation measures
  • Monitoring
  • GIS
  • Documentation development
  • Reporting
  • Data collection
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