Landscape study for Llogara and Dajti National Parks in Albania

Project name: Development of a study on landscape of Llogara & Dajti National Parks in Albania

Client: UNDP
Period: 09/2019 – 11/2020
Location: Albania

In the Landscape Study for Dajti National Park and Llogara Protected Area, spatial analyses of landscape components were made, based on which descriptions of components for both Protected Areas were made (location, relief, surface cover, visual characteristics from anthropogenic and natural aspects, etc.).

Spatial and other data collected during the field visit were analysed and processed together with GIS spatial analysis. Based on the obtained results of these analyses, zones within the Protected Areas (protection, recreation, education, and accommodation zone) and individual micro-locations where intervention is needed were determined. For each zone, (considering the characteristics and spatial predisposition) subzone was proposed with proposed solutions (possible solutions) and guidelines (as well as design) for individual locations (3D visualizations and foreign examples of good practice). Likewise, a computer 3D analysis of potential visual exposure from key points inside and outside the Protected Areas (points from the sea, the existing and potential lookouts, settlements, the highest point, the most visited point) was developed to determine the visual sensitivity of the space that is a foundation for future planning.

In conclusion, general guidelines were made for both Areas, divided by characteristics (urban equipment, transport infrastructure, etc.), and obtained based on spatial analysis, necessities, and capabilities of those Areas.

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