Landscape Study for the southern coast of the town of Labin

Project name: Landscape Study for the southern coast of the town of Labin

Client: City of Labin
Period: 04/2018 – 02/2019
Location: Croatia

The project encompassed the preparation of the Landscape study of the southern coast of the City of Labin, located in the area of the significant landscape of Labin, Rabac and Prklog Bay. The aim of its elaboration is to define the spatial concept of possible interventions in this area through the valorisation of all spatial and ambient values of space within the boundaries. The document should be used as a basis for preparing spatial planning documentation and other development activities.

  • The study analyzes the natural (relief, geological, hydrological, biological and ecological features) and cultural-historical (land use, historical development) characteristics of the coverage area along with the structural and visual analysis performed in the GIS environment.
  • The typological classification of landscapes with the landscape characterization was carried out
  • The estimated value of the landscape (evaluation from the aspect of biodiversity, forest stands and overgrown surfaces and visual (structural) quality).
  • Guidelines were made for the conservation and sustainable use of landscape areas (general guidelines and particular tasks of protection, planning and arrangement of contents in the area of coverage).
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