MIDAS Project: Study of Areas with Natural Constraints in Agriculture and Calculation Design

Project name: Study of Areas with Natural Constraints in Agriculture and Calculation Design (Preparation of Calculation), ref. no.: MNE-MIDAS-TF093405-CS-CQ-16-2.1.A.8.4.

Client: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro
Period: 09/2016 – 06/2017
Funding: World Bank
Location: Montenegro

The objective of the study was to align Montenegro with Common Agriculture Policy guidelines. Within this study, and based on available data, elaborated were parameters which define areas of natural constraints, such as impact of climate and soil parameters and presentation of their distribution on the territory of Montenegro.

Another objective was to prepare study for definition of ANC in line with EU EC regulation 1305/2013, which will be used in further accession of Montenegrin agriculture toward EU CAP policy implementation and to improve support.

In areas classified as ANCs farmers face higher costs of production and are eligible for compensatory payments calculated on the basis of the additional costs incurred and income foregone.

There are three categories classified as ANC:

  • Mountain areas – characterized as areas handicapped by a short growing season due to high altitude, or by steep slopes or by a combination of the two at lower altitude.
  • Areas facing significant natural constraints – areas affected by significant natural handicaps, notably low soil productivity or poor climate conditions where maintaining extensive farming activity is important for the management of the land. Those are areas which have constraints on at least 60% of the agricultural area in an administrative unit.
  • Areas affected by specific constraints – areas where farming should be continued in order to conserve or improve the environment, maintain the countryside and preserve the tourist potential of the area in order to protect the coastline.

The result of the project: determined mountain areas and areas with natural constraints in agriculture of Montenegro.

Services provided:

  • Determination of local datasets, required for designation of LFA/ANC areas
  • Analysis of each dataset for their attributes
  • Conversion of all maps to official CRS (projection) of Montenegro
  • Analysis on how the availability and quality of the datasets will affect the results of this study.
  • Recommendations on how datasets should be updated in the future to achieve the quality required to produce final LFA/ANC maps.
  • Selection of criteria and determination of areas with natural constraints
  • Development of maps and databases
  • Reporting
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