Monitoring program for small mammals

Project name: “Monitoring Program development for species and habitat types of EU interest” within the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion” (OPCC) project “Development of Monitoring Systems for Species and Habitat Types” Lot 5: Development of a monitoring program for small mammals with capacity building of stakeholders in the monitoring and reporting system“

Client: Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
Period: 12/2021 – 09/2023
Location: Croatia

The goal of the project was the development and establishment of a system for monitoring the conservation status of small mammals to fulfil EU obligations, primarily Council Directive 92/43/EEC from May 21,1992, on the preservation of natural habitats and wild fauna and flora, last amended and supplemented by Council Directive 2013/17 lEU dated 05/13/2013 on the adaptation of certain directives in the field of environment due to the accession of the Republic of Croatia.

The result of the project is the developed and tested conservation status monitoring programs for 4 species of small mammals (Balkan snow vole, hamster, forest dormouse, hazel dormouse), whose continuous implementation should provide a set of data necessary for the assessment of all elements of the conservation status assessment in accordance with the reporting forms which are prescribed by the European Commission.

A significant result of this project are educated stakeholders of the Monitoring and Reporting System. The following activities were carried out as part of the project:

a) Work Plan development for contract execution through Work package 0

b) Developed Plan for field research implementation for additional data collection and preparation of a Gap Analysis with additional data collection results and a report on conducted field research for additional data collection through Work Package 1

c) Developed Monitoring Program proposal for each separate species and a Field Research lmplementation Plan (with the aim of testinq the monitorinq proqram) and a developed Report on the conducted field research through Work Package 2

d) Developed national programs for monitoring conservation status of the Balkan snow vole, hamster, forest dormouse and hazel dormouse with monitoring results through Work Package 3

e) Prepared Expert baseline for necessary parameters evaluation for the conservation status assessment of the Balkan snow vole, hamster, forest dormouse and hazel dormouse and revision of reference values through Work Package 4

f) Prepared Stakeholder Education Plan and Report on Stakeholder Education through Work Packaqe 5.

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