Monitoring of Wildlife Overpasses on Motorways

Project name: Monitoring of Wildlife Overpasses on Motorways

Client: Croatian Motorways Maintenance and Tolling Ltd.
Period: 12/2012 – 03/2014; 08/2015 – 10/2016; 10/2017 − 09/2018
Location: Croatia

The aim of the project was to monitor the impact of the motorway on fauna and mitigation measures for the fragmentation of the fauna habitats. Monitoring included quantitative and qualitative monitoring of large mammals, amphibians and birds.

Monitoring of wildlife was conducted on 7 green bridges (Ivačeno brdo, Rasnica, Medina gora, Varošina, Osmakovac, Srednja gora and Lendići) in the following way:

  1. At the green bridges Ivačeno brdo, Rasnica, Medina gora, Varošina and Osmakovac:
  • by monitoring the transition with IR sensors
  • by method of photo traps
  • by method of tracking strips
  1. Under the viaducts Srednja gora and Lendići (2012 − 2016):
  • by method of photo traps

During each visit the following actions were carried out:

  • IR sensors data collection
  • photo trap data collection
  • determination of the footprints on the tracking strips
  • maintenance of the equipment

Based on all the data, a percentage of certain type of animals was calculated after each field visit. The absolute number of passes of certain animal species was estimated based on the data collected. Finally, the integrated monthly report was made after all of the data were processed. It contains the data presented in tables and graphs for each of the green bridges that are the subject of this project.

Services provided:

  • Monitoring of wildlife overpasses
  • Placement of IR sensors, phototraps and tracking strips
  • Data collection
  • Monthly reports
  • Assessment of the green bridges usability
  • Recommendations on reducing negative environmental impact



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