New data centre

January 25, 2022 – To respond to the increasing traffic and volumes of data needed to perform sophisticated data processing tasks, and to ensure business continuity with a high level of security, we built a new data centre at Oikon.

With a capacity of more than 150 TB of data space, over five active servers, and a security system with a high degree of stability, the data centre, which came into operation at the end of last year, enabled the consolidation of server equipment in one place, provided redundancy of computing resources, improved the computer and wireless network, and provided a computing platform for local and efficient data processing.

“At Oikon, we keep up with new technologies and I believe that we are one of the few consulting companies in our field that has such a system and that recognises the need to invest not only in short-term goals, but also in long-term goals,” said Dalibor Hatić, Director of Oikon. “With this investment, we have ensured better work for our employees, who can complete their work tasks without worrying about possible equipment failures, data loss or network outages.”

Ivan Tomljenović and Željko Čučković, who are responsible for the implementation of the data centre, added: “The data centre is designed to support Oikon’s growth over the next decade and beyond, as computing resources become more efficient over time, which means there is enough space to install accessories without the need for additional structural investments.”

The entire data centre, services, protocols, computer network and structured cabling were designed, executed and tested by GetNet.

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Oikon d.o.o.