Oikon holder of the Premium Green Certificate

May 13, 2022 – For the past 24 years, we at Oikon have been contributing to the realisation of sustainable development while, currently, we follow and place special emphasis on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal.

We have received several awards and recognitions for our work in this area and for our socially responsible actions. The latest in a series of awards is the Premium Green Certificate which we received for our direct impact on the environment and the community through business digitization and as a long-time user of e-Invoice. To obtain the Premium Green Certificate, we have met the following conditions:

Business Digitization – integrated solution for sending e-Invoices, e-Documents, and digital archiving.

Community – participation in humanitarian actions, cultural, sporting and similar events and investment in infrastructure.

Employees – investing in education, promoting excellence, rewarding and supporting employees’ personal lives.

Environment – investing in environmental protection, educating the public and continuing to invest in a green future.

We are pleased to receive this recognition because protecting nature, the environment and the community is our core business and speciality while caring for our employees is an extremely important part of our business.

The Green Certificate is a project of the company Moj eRačun, which uniquely combines digitalization and socially responsible actions. The project started in 2021 and continues to be implemented to cover all companies that have excelled in this area, but also to encourage those that have not yet done so to leave a positive impact on the environment and the community.

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