One-year research of large carnivores and study report for a planned wind farm

Project name: One-year research of ornithofauna, large carnivores and bats and development of an acceptability report for the planned project in the field of nature for the purpose of environmental impact assessment; Group I. One-year research of ornithofauna and study report

Client: HEP – Proizvodnja Ltd.
Period: 02/2019 – 03/2020
Location: Croatia

The one-year research of the fauna of large carnivores (wolf, bear, lynx) in the Split-Dalmatia County was conducted using the method of photo traps and systematic monitoring of the presence of large carnivores in the narrower and wider area of the project.

Based on the collected data on the use of the narrower and wider area of the planned wind farm by humans, large carnivores, as well as other animals (primarily potential prey of large carnivores), and by using available models on the suitability of habitats for large carnivores, GIS spatial analysis was conducted.

Based on this, assessed was the significance of the impact of the planned wind farm and the significance of the cumulative impacts of the existing and planned infrastructure on the fauna of large carnivores.

In addition to the significance of the impact, analyzed were mitigation measures of the identified independent and cumulative impacts.

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