Head of Department: Andreja Pavlović

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Over the years Oikon Ltd. has also emerged as major provider of consultancy services and technical assistance projects related to nature protection. We have developed more than:

  • Over 250 nature protection projects
  • Over 120 environmental and nature monitoring projects,
  • 100 specialist studies,
  • 100 Appropriate Assessments,
  • 30 long term and scientific projects,
  • 30 management plans in Croatia and the region.

Oikon has gathered a significant amount of experience in collecting new inventory data for fauna and habitats (birds, large and small mammals, amphibians and reptiles, marine benthic species, fungi, terrestrial habitats etc.) using fieldwork research techniques (photo-traps, ultrasound detectors, radar ornithology, GPS collars/chips for marking and tracking of animals, different biological surveys and sampling depending on the target taxonomic group) and remote sensing techniques (satellite/aerial, sensors and loggers), most of it analysed and presented through specialised spatial analysis tools and methods. We are particularly proud to have been the lead partner and coordinator of the Croatia EU Natura 2000 Integration Project (NIP) – the biggest project in Croatia related to fauna inventory, where we provided consulting services for field research and laboratory processing for collecting new inventory data for 11 taxonomic groups: Actinopterygii and Cephalaspidomorphi, Amphibia and Reptilia, Aves, Chiroptera, Decapoda, Lepidoptera, Odonata, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera.

Also, we have unparalleled experience in habitat mapping projects where we were practically a standard setting authority providing all what is needed for this complex activity. Apart from implementation of large scale habitat mapping of the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia 15 years ago (entire territory terrestrial and maritime) and fine scale mapping of practically all of Croatian protected areas (national and nature parks), we have provided training, ICT, RS and GIS support to a number of similar projects in neighbouring countries. We recently did this on a project in Turkey where we provided technical assistance for strengthening the National Nature Protection System for Implementation of Natura 2000 Requirements.

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