The Laboratory for Fish and Aquatic Ecosystems conducts research in fisheries and in the maintenance and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

The Laboratory’s most common activities are ecosystem assessments, monitoring of economic activities, restoration of degraded water ecosystems, biomanipulation of ichthyofauna etc. The research is focused on estimates of minimum ecological flow, restoration of fish communities, different fishery topics and features of a water ecosystem, as well as biomanipulation of drinking water supply.

The results of the above-mentioned research and monitoring are used in the preparation of documents such as Environmental Impact Assessment, Appropriate Assessment, Nature Impact Assessment, etc.

In their research and monitoring activities, our experts use different fishery and limnological methods, while the latest technologies and remote sensors enable them to provide effective mapping of changes in biomass, pollution and bioproduction.

The Head of the Laboratory for Fish and Aquatic Ecosystems is Professor Milorad Mrakovčić.


Study of interstitial fauna in the Sava River in Slovenia

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