Laboratory for Monitoring and Research of Large Carnivores and Ecology of Vertebrates carries out various activities to determine anthropogenic influences on the populations of large carnivores, bears, wolves and lynx, as well as on numerous other large and medium-sized mammals.

In this regard, the Laboratory conducts monitoring of wildlife motorway crossings over green bridges, the number of road kills, monitoring of the influence of other linear structures (gas pipeline, railway tracks etc.) built in habitats of large carnivores, as well as the impact of other anthropogenic structures (wind power plants, landfill sites etc.) on their populations.

The research conducted within the Laboratory focuses on determining the distribution, home range , the fragmentation of the habitat, the number and the nutritional structure of medium and large mammals, especially large carnivores.

The results obtained are used in analyses of the prediction of tendencies of certain species of animals towards a certain type of habitat as bases for determining the importance of certain areas for conservation of stable populations of the investigated species. The results of the above-mentioned research and monitoring are for preparation of documents such as Environmental Impact Assessment, Appropriate Assessment, Nature Impact Assessment, etc.

To carry out these researches and monitoring, we use modern methods such as telemetric animal tracking using GPS/VHF collars, digital photo trapping methods, GIS analysis of the data obtained etc.

Head of the Laboratory is Goran Gužvica, PhD.

Within the Laboratory, the following projects have been implemented:

Published scientific papers:

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  1. Šver, L., Bielen, A., Križan, J., Gužvica, G. (2016): Camera Traps on Wildlife Crossing Structures as a Tool in Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) Management – Five- Years Monitoring of Wolf Abundance Trends in Croatia. PLoS ONE. 11(6): doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0156748

Presentations at conferences:

  1. Gužvica G., Bošnjak I, Bielen A., Babić D., Radanović-Gužvica B., Šver L. (2015) Analysis of methods for wildlife monitoring on green bridges. Book of Abstracts. 12th Croatian Biological Congress with International Participation. Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia, September 18 – 23, 2015. p 144. [Gužvica, G., poster]
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  1. Gužvica G, Šver L (2012) Praćenje negativnog utjecaja izgradnje plinovodnog sustava na funkcionalnost zelenih mostova u Hrvatskoj / Monitoring of the negative impact of the gas pipeline construction on the functionality of green bridges in Croatia. Knjiga sažetaka, 11. Hrvatski biološki kongres, Šibenik, Hrvatska, 16. – 21. 9. 2012. p. 214.
  1. Gužvica G, Tomaić J, Šver L (2012) Prvi rezultati istraživanja prisutnosti risa na području sjevernog Velebita metodom digitalnih fotozamki / The first results of lynx presence in the area of the northern Velebit using digital camera traps. Knjiga sažetaka, 11. Hrvatski biološki kongres Šibenik, Hrvatska, 16. – 21. rujna 2012., 106-107.

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