Professor emeritus Joso Vukelic is a new member of Oikon’s team

March 5, 2021 – we are very pleased to introduce to you our new team member – dr. Joso Vukelić, professor emeritus, who works as an Advisor and Senior Associate at our Department of Natural Resources Management.

Professor Vukelić received his doctorate in 1990 at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb. In the same year, he became Assistant Professor, in 1993 Associate Professor, in 1997 Full Professor, and in 2000 Distinguished Professor. In 2020, the Senate of the University of Zagreb awarded him the honorary title of professor emeritus.

He was very active in creating and conducting graduate and postgraduate courses at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb, and also taught Phytocenology at the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Agriculture and at the postgraduate scientific study of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and Park Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb.

Based on extensive and rich scientific work, Professor Vukelić is the author and co-author of five textbooks, manuals and books, 101 scientific papers, 20 professional articles, 10 vegetation maps, three biographies and over 30 reports. He has participated in numerous international and domestic scientific conferences and scientific research projects related to fundamental, but also applied knowledge of the composition, structure, and functioning of forest ecosystems. Ha has also spoken publicly on the topic several times and has presented his scientific findings in radio and television shows.

Professor Vukelić led and participated in more than 30 scientific projects. He led one program (out of 10) and three projects of the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, which resulted in two dissertations, one master’s thesis, and a number of bachelor’s theses and published articles. Other projects referred to fundamental, but also applied knowledge on the composition, structure, and functioning of forest ecosystems, and were implemented for the needs of several ministries, national parks, and other state institutions. He has also participated in several international projects.

During his work at the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb, professor Vukelić was the dean and vice-dean, a member of the National Council for Higher Education, as well as the editor-in-chief of the Gazette for Forest Experiments. Among other duties, he was Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Secretary at the Academy of Forestry Sciences, and Editor at Šumarski list magazine.

He has received several awards for his work, among which the most significant are the Order of Danica Hrvatska for his contribution to the development of science (1997), the Faculty of Forestry Award for excellence in teaching and working with students (2019), Recognition of the Academy of Forestry Sciences for merits in its creation, development and promotion (2016) and the Gold Medal of the Croatian Forestry Society and Recognition for many years of work for the benefit of the forestry profession (2016).

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