Project MARS – Technical and Business rationalization of Croatian State-managed Motorway

Project name: Project MARS – Technical and Business rationalization of Croatian State-managed Motorway

Client:  Deloitte Advisory Services Ltd.
Period: 09/2018 – 09/2019
Funding: World Bank
Location: Croatia

The Modernization and Restructuring of the Road Sector (MARS) is an operation funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (MSTI), which deals with the efficiency and sustainability of road transport in Croatia covered by three state owned Implementing Agencies (HC, HAC and ARZ). The MARS project encompasses the financial and business (operational) restructuring of these agencies.

The project involved preparation of documents and implementation of activities:

D1 – Draft report on the review of the current situation in the area related to energy and environmental protection

  • collecting and analysing HAC data
  • analysis of data and conclusions of other projects related to the MARS project
  • description of historical and existing energy consumption
  • description of current practices with an emphasis on the key energy consuming equipment/infrastructure
  • a description of the legal framework, the current business practice, and the internal procedures and standards from the perspective of environmental impact
  • the results of environmental monitoring (air quality, water, noise levels, animal deaths, ecological accidents)
  • waste management

D3 – Draft proposal for improving energy efficiency and environmental protection

  • an overview of international best practices related to energy consumption and comparison / benchmarking with HAC’s current practice,
  • overview of European and national legislation on environmental protection standards related to motorway maintenance, traffic management and tunnel safety,
  • proposal of the improvement options from the perspective:
    • reducing energy consumption,
    • reducing or mitigating adverse impacts on the environment and nature
  • analysis of costs and benefits for proposed options
  • defining the implementation measures that the HAC should undertake to achieve proposals for energy and environmental efficiency improvements together with defining priorities (short-term and long-term)

D4 – Draft Detailed Action Plan

D5 – Final draft of the detailed action plan of the selected option

D6 – Key Performance Indicators Proposal (KPI)D7 – Final version of Action Plan and KPIs

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