Expert services in the field of biomass utilization for Šibenik-Knin County area for the project HOLISTIC

Project name: Provision of expert services in the field of biomass utilization for Šibenik-Knin County area for the project HOLISTIC (Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection)

Client: Šibenik-Knin County

Period: 10/2014 – 03/2016

Funding: IPA Adriatic CBC Programme

Location: Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia

The overall objective is to support the sustainable joint management of natural resources through the prevention of forest fires and to support the sustainable use of biomass through the protection of valuable natural resources, while at the same time developing the cross-border cooperation of the areas.

The general strategic objective is the prevention and mitigation of the natural risks, with special focus on wildfire risks, through the improvement, promotion and strengthening of institutional capabilities in implementing policies, procedures and coordination mechanisms aiming at reducing the causes of potential start of natural breakdown as well as at improving the prevention and mitigation activity.

By studying Šibenik-Knin County regarding position, vegetation and infrastructure, needed information was obtained necessary for achievement of above stated goals. The following project documents were developed:

  • “Detailed report on resources and potentials for creation of sustainable models for biomass utilisation and energy production at locations in the project areas”,
  • “Manual for effective utilisation of biomass”,
  • “Feasibility study of commercial model of biomass collection and utilisation for heating the public or social buildings”,
  • “Brochure on after fire vegetation renewal and biomass management recommendations”,
  • “Technical report on functionality of implemented biomass model and installation of pilot heating systems based on biomass utilisation in the Šibenik-Knin County”,

As well as installation of heating systems based on biomass utilization model installed in the Pilot location in the Šibenik-Knin County and 5-7 dissemination presentations and workshops.

Services provided:

  • Analysis of the general territorial characteristics of the area
  • Collection of the forest data, current forest management models and practices
  • Collection and analysis of the statistical and geographic information about wild-fires
  • Fact sheet and situation with existing measures and subsidies related to utilisation of forests biomass
  • Policy framework about biomass utilization
  • Analysis of the current techniques and costs adopted for biomass collection, processing, production, storage and supply
  • Remote sensed infrastructure mapping
  • Supervision of heating system installation in the selected building
  • Inputs and participation in creation of above stated documents

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