Potential Framework Study of construction: railway II and reconstruction of railway section (Kupjak) – Delnice – Škrljevo

Project name: Potential Framework Study of construction: railway II and reconstruction of railway section (Kupjak) – Delnice – Škrljevo

Client: HŽ Infrastructure Limited Liability Company
Period: 08/2013 – 02/2015
Funding: State Budget
Location: Croatia

The railway line on section (Kupjak)-Delnice-Škrljevo (57,7 km) of M202 Zagreb Gk – Karlovac – Rijeka railway, is part of Rijeka Traffic Route, and as such is an integral part of the wider, Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T, as well as railway transport corridor RH2 on Croatian territory (State border – Botovo – Koprivnica – Dugo Selo – Zagreb – Zagreb – Rijeka – Šapjane – State border).

The main objective of the Study for general possibilities was to examine general possibilities for construction of second track and reconstruction of existing railway line on section (Kupjak)-Delnice-Škrljevo, as well as reconstruction of existing railway stations and stops along the section. Two variants were considered – Delnice – Zlobin and Delnice – Plase.

The Study for general possibilities comprised of the several following studies: traffic study, geotechnical study, conceptual design (for railway tracks, objects, over and underpasses, railway signalling facilities, electric traction facilities and telecommunication systems), preliminary economic and financial assessment and preliminary environmental impact assessment, as well as pre-feasibility study. Oikon Ltd. was the official contractor responsible for Preliminary Environmental Impact Analysis (PEIA) study.

The PEIA study covered evaluation of the current state of the environment and preliminary assessment of possible environmental impacts for each of two proposed variants. This included analysis of physical planning documentation, impacts on landuse in settlements and local population, analysis of impacts on hydrogeology and waters, forest ecosystems, soil and agriculture, game and hunting, biodiversity (flora, fauna, nature protected areas and ecological network), landscape, cultural heritage, air quality and waste. Noise calculations for predicted traffic loads were made, as well as rail vibrations and ground-bone noise imission modeling.

Preliminary assessment of social impacts was also given. Lastly, environmentally more favourable variant was suggested using the method of multi-criteria analysis. According to foreseen or calculated significant impacts, environmental management plan with proposition of specific mitigation measures and monitoring plan was suggested.

Services provided:

  • Analysis of physical plans
  • Analysis of the current state of the environment, landscape, cultural heritage, air quality, existing noise and vibrations levels
  • Preliminary impact assessment on previously stated features of biophysical environment as well as assessment of social impacts
  • Noise emissions/imissions modeling
  • Rail vibrations and ground-bone noise imission modelling
  • Multi-criteria analysis of proposed variants

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