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At OIKON Ltd. – Institute of Applied Ecology, we are rocking the world of sustainability – one step at a time

Currently, businesses in the EU are playing an indispensable role in the implementation of the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Finance Action Plan. Some call the new sustainability requirements for companies and financial institutions a tsunami, we call it an opportunity to reshape business as usual.

The prevailing mood could be described as follows: Some want to continue business as usual, some want to continue tick-boxing, many complain about the new regulations and call them red tape, many are lost in the requirements (translation), and many many are confused. But…

There is a way to survive a tsunami. It is common knowledge that surviving a tsunami requires a combination of preparation, awareness and quick action. We combine awareness, preparation, and quick action to help organisations make the most of the new regulatory requirements for building long-term resilience and sustainability.

Rocking sustainability starts here at Oikon

We help organisations find their way through the so-called alphabet soup, just name them: CSR, SDG, ESG, CSRD, EU Taxonomy, ESRS, CSDDD, TCFD, GHG, DNSH, CDP, CDSB, SBTi, IPCC, ISSB, SASB, and the story goes on.

Finding the way through the so-called alphabet soup requires many different interdisciplinary and creative features. Oikon is:

  • Utilising CSRD, ESRS, EU taxonomy, not for the purpose of ticking boxes, but to build the resources and capacity of organisations required to find a balance between the need to transform strategies and business model(s) and the long-term sustainability and resilience of the business
  • Applying scientifically sound expertise and approach: Our work is based on science-based methodologies aligned with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C (in a world where large parts of Europe and Russia are warming by more than 2°C and the Arctic by more than 4°C, WEF, 2023)
  • Use of various databases: We use and analyse public data and our own extensive databases to provide key information for informed decision-making by management and supervisory bodies
  • Quantifying impacts, risks and opportunities: We do not only focus on qualitative assessments as we understand the interactions between the different impacts, risks and opportunities in the environmental, social and governance areas. Therefore, we know how to set materiality impact and financial thresholds.

With us, the ESG alphabet becomes simpler and more manageable.

Our sustainability services include:

Sectoral services

Concise workshops, sector-specific value chain mapping, identification of material impacts, risks, and opportunities for sectors such as Energy, ICT, Tourism, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Agriculture, and Beverage, along with climate scenario analysis for specific sectors.

Company-level services

Sustainability reporting and strategy development, requirements GAP analysis, strategy development, carbon footprint analysis, life cycle assessments, value chain mapping, materiality assessments, stakeholder engagement, DNSH compliance, CapEx planning, and workshops.

Highly specialised services

Specialized services include climate risks assessments, enhancing resilience through scenario analysis, internal carbon pricing, crafting climate change plans, evaluating biodiversity, using remote sensing, and identifying low-carbon funding.

Oikon MEA services

ESG requirements GAP analysis, ESG strategy and reporting,carbon footprint analysis, life cycle assessment, legal compliance, legislation drafting, policy development, case law analysis, government relations, training, sustainable finance, and project management.

Feel free to contact us for consultations or an offer 🙂

Get to know us

Take a moment to watch this video which captures the essence of OIKON Ltd. – a story etched by the spirit of rock and roll, shaped by resilience, and driven by the promise of a greener future. We are rocking the world of sustainability – one step at a time.

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