The 3rd Croatian Symposium on Invasive Species

November 28, 2018 − This week, our experts participated in the 3rd Croatian Symposium on Invasive Species that was held in Zagreb on 26-27 November, where they showed extensive knowledge of alien and invasive species.

They held presentations about:

  • Methods, mapping and monitoring alien invasive freshwater mammals in Croatia (Zrinka Mesić);
  • Problems of wild boars as autochthon species with invasive traits (Monika Petković);
  • Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) in private forests of central Croatia – current situation and possibility for remote sensed monitoring (Nela Jantol);
  • Monitoring of invasiveness of oak lace bug (Corythucha arcuata) in Spačva basin, Croatia by modis satellite (Alen Berta).
  • Analysis of golden jackal occurrence on green bridges as an indicator of their range expansion (Goran Gužvica).

For Book of Abstracts visit: http://www.ekolosko-drustvo.hr/3CSIS-book-of-abstracts.pdf


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