Workshop on Corine Land Cover + in Brussels

16th November 2017 − Vladimir Kušan, PhD and Ivona Žiža, mag. ing. agr. are participating in Copernicus Land Monitoring Service: Workshop on Corine Land Cover + that is taking place in Brussels today. It is a technical workshop organised to receive a constructive dialogue on the next generation core product for land monitoring in Europe, so Oikon’s … Continued

Experience field research with Oikon experts!

Do you wonder what field research with biologists/ecologists looks like? Would you like to be part of our team and experience biology in practice? If yes is the answer then you’re in the right place because Oikon’s best candidates are now being given this opportunity! We offer 1-2 days of field research on projects that … Continued

The 2nd Mediterranean Natura 2000 Seminar in Cyprus

15th November 2017 − Edin Lugić, Head of Nature Protection Division at Oikon, is participating in the 2nd Mediterranean Natura 2000 Seminar that is taking place 14-16 November in Limassol, Cyprus. We are proud to say that he is one of 16 other experts from the EU that was invited to the event. The 2nd … Continued

Oikon compliant with the AAI@EduHr standards

During the regular annual compliance check of all parent institutions with the AAI@EduHr standards, Oikon Ltd. – Institute of Applied Ecology has accomplished good compliance with the standards. Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure of Science and Higher Education in the Republic of Croatia – AAI@EduHr is an infrastructural and intermediary system with the task to provide … Continued

Donation to the PROMicro project

9th October 2017 − Considering investments in knowledge and innovation to be very important, OIKON financially supported the PROMikro initiative which has the aim of introducing digital literacy into Croatian school curriculum. The PROMikro project is worth HRK 4.5 million and was initiated by the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet in cooperation with the … Continued

LADIGIS – Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory

3rd October 2017 – today the LADIGIS – Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory has started working at Oikon. Through its work, the Laboratory will provide a better horizontal link between Oikon’s departments, more successful transfer and application of knowledge, as well as enhanced research and development work related to the use of remote sensing methods on the … Continued

Batumi Raptor Count in Geor

27th September 2017 − Our employees Dunja Delić and Boris Božić are just now in Georgia attending the Batumi Raptor Count. Every autumn birds of prey migrate through the Batumi Bottleneck at the Black Sea and the counted numbers are astonishing! This camp will help our colleagues in their professional progress regarding raptor identification, which … Continued

Oikon is a registered trademark

26th September 2017 − Oikon has officially become the holder of a registered trademark and thus has the right to use the symbol ®. The word mark “OIKON” is registered by the State Intellectual Property Office under the number Z20120507.     Trademark is a sign (name, loto etc.) used in trade to distinguish between products … Continued

Workshops on hydrogeology

23-24 September 2017 – our employees improved their knowledge by attending two important hydrogeology workshops in Dubrovnik this weekend. Davor Korman and Igor Tošić participated in the workshop “Groundwater Remediation: From Hydrogeological Site Concepts to Applied Numeric Models” conducted by renowned Neven Kresic, PhD from AMEC Foster Wheeler, where practical knowledge of MODFLOW was used to … Continued

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