Upgrade of existing CORINE database and validation of thematic database generated by interpretation of satellite images

Project name: Upgrade of existing CORINE database and validation of thematic database generated by interpretation of satellite images

Client: Croatian Environment Agency
Period: 7/2018 – 12/2018
Funding: State Budget
Location: Croatia

Projects objectives were:

  • Upgrade of Corine 2018 database
  • Verification of high-resolution layers of Croatia for the referent year 2015
  • Capacity building of CAEN for preparation and use of CORINE products
  • Preparation of publication about stage and trends of land cover changes

Tasks fulfilled during the project were:

  • Revision of 2012 database and preparation of CLC changes 2012 – 2018 using comparative photointerpretation of IRS LISS III (for 2012) and Sentinel 2 (for 2018) satellite images. The interpretation was performed using InterChange 4.0. All changes greater than 5 ha were mapped.
  • Preparation of CLC 2018 data base. The new base was prepared using ArcGIS and QGIS.
  • Preparation of CLC change between CLC 2006 (revision) – CLC 2012 (revision) using advanced technologies of spatial modeling within GIS
  • Capacity building of HAOP. During three training workshops all phases according to CORINE methodology were explained and trained: usage of InterCheck 4.0, for database revision, mapping of changes, preparation of CLC 2018 database, validation/verification of thematic HR layers
  • Validation / Verification of thematic high-resolution layers (resolution 20 m x 20 m) of built-up areas, forests (forest type and forest cover), grasslands, waters and wetlands.
  • Spatial analysis and calculation of trends of changes 1980 – 2018, interpretation of changes and preparation of the publication.

Results of the project are:

  • CLC 2012 database revised
  • CLC change database 2012 – 20198 prepared
  • CLC 2018 database prepared
  • Metadata according to INSPIRE specification
  • CLC change the database between 2006. (revision) – 2012 (revision) prepared
  • HR thematic layers for 2015 of Croatia verified
  • The publication „Land cover land use of Croatia – status and trends 2018“.

These project results are used for environmental planning and management, physical planning, demographic and sociological studies and reporting and cooperation with EC on these issues, as well as in scientific research.

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