Waste Management Plan for the City of Zagreb

Project name: Waste Management Plan for the City of Zagreb

Client: City of Zagreb
Period: 02/2017 – 04/2018  
Funding: State budget
Location: Croatia

The Waste Management Plan for the City of Zagreb included:

  1. analysis and assessment of the current state and needs in waste management in the area of the City of Zagreb as local self-government, including the achievement of objectives,
  2. data on types and quantities of waste produced, separately collected waste, disposed municipal and biodegradable waste and achievement of targets,
  3. data on existing and planned buildings and waste management facilities and on the status of remediation of non-aligned landfills and sites contaminated by waste,
  4. data on waste disposal sites and their removal,
  5. measures needed to achieve the objectives of reducing or preventing the generation of waste, including educational and information activities and waste collection activities,
  6. general measures for waste management, hazardous waste and special categories of waste,
  7. measures for the collection of mixed municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste,
  8. separate collection of waste paper, metal, glass and plastic and large (bulk) municipal waste,
  9. a list of projects important for the implementation of the Plan,
  10. organizational aspects, sources and amount of financial resources for the implementation of waste management measures,
  11. timelines and stakeholders of the Plan execution.
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