Workshops in Albania on Forest and Pasture Management Plans

April 26, 2021 – During their three-week stay in Albania, together with colleagues from the partner company Abkons from Tirana, Oikon team members worked on the development of forest and pasture management plans in five Albanian municipalities.

We prepared and participated in two participatory workshops in the municipalities of Berat and Malesi e Madhe (in the town of Koplik). In addition to members of the project team from Oikon and Abkons, the workshops were attended by representatives of municipalities, forestry experts (some of whom also participated in the field survey of forests) and other interested public.

The workshops discussed the results obtained by field measurements and the models obtained by interpreting satellite images. On the same occasion, part of the preliminary data from the management plans of forests and pastures that are in the final stages of development were presented.

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Oikon d.o.o.