6th SPLIT Remote Sensing® Professional Summer School

June 10, 2019 – Our expert Branimir Radun has just returned from Bolzano, Italy, where he attended 6th SPLIT Remote Sensing® Professional Summer School 2019.

Hosted by Eurac Research, it was an intensive and advanced 6-day learning event that presented best insights into most recent techniques learned from top international professors and researchers through hands-on sessions and lectures. The participants had the chance to learn about different remote sensing applications using UAS (drone), LiDAR sensors, SAR, and various RS software. The participants also attended an educational trip to the landslide above the town of Corvara in the Dolomiti Mountains.

The summer school was attended by people from all over the world in an extremely friendly atmosphere.

More info: https://splitremotesensing.com/

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Oikon d.o.o.