Head of Department: Alida Ban Pavlović

Contact: e-mail

Department of Environmental Law, Policy and Economics is focused primarily on legal consulting related to the environmental legislation in the form of producing legal gap analysis and harmonisation of the national legislation as well as the assessment of the status of the transposition of the national legislation to EU environmental acquis. 

Based on produced analysis its experts provide legal and institutional assistance in drafting of the new national laws and secondary legislation which are in full compliance to the EU/International environmental requirements.

In addition, it provides services of drafting country reports and position papers on various environmental issues and their implementation in the country based on the exhaustive legal and institutional research in order to enable all the stakeholders to improve their implementation of the legal requirements, as well their capacity building.

Finally, it provides detailed analysis and support in environmental economics and options on finance modules, as well as experienced and professional assistance to SMEs in securing start up grants or long-term financing in environmental sector.

The Department’s services include:

  • legal gap analysis and harmonisation of the national legislation
  • compliance checking with the EU/International legal requirements
  • drafting of the laws and secondary legislation
  • drafting of the country report on environmental issues
  • institutional analysis
  • capacity building to the authorities on national, regional and local level
  • development of the strategies, plans and programmes
  • drafting of the contracts
  • environmental economics and finance modules
  • assistance in grants and securing funds for SMEs in environmental sector
  • educational projects on environmental protection.
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