Awards for the best employees in 2020

July 5, 2021 – as part of this year’s Oikon and Pro Silva Day celebration, we acknowledged and rewarded the best employees of Oikon and Pro Silva in 2020.

We very much appreciate the effort and work of employees who have come through, made an effort and given more than expected or have otherwise contributed to the team, and they deserve recognition and reward,” explained Dalibor Hatić, CEO of Oikon and Pro silva.

The awards for best employees go out once a year for the previous year, and the employees themselves play a major role in the selection by nominating their colleagues. For 2020, a total of 27 employees were awarded in 9 categories and were paid bonuses in the total amount of 55 000 kunas.

And the winners are…

THE EXPLORER award was given to those who successfully go in new directions, who like to discover and explore and thus progress:

1. Nela Jantol

2. Ivan Ljubić

3. Damir Borić

THE FORCE – the award for those who continuously give their best and put more effort than necessary to do not a good, but a great job, went to:

1. Ivona Žiža

2. Marijo Župan

3. Mia Vučevac

The OUR INSPIRATION award went to those who spread happiness, smiles, and good vibes 🙂 and they are:

1. Katarina Miller

2. Siniša Miljanović

3. Medeja Pistotnik

The OUTSIDE THE BOX award went to those who think unconventionally and connect the dots that others would not connect and who encourage “a-ha” moments:

1. Nikola Bakić

2. Zeljko Čučković

3. Matija Kresonja

The FULL COOL award was given to those who stay calm even in most difficult situations:

• Marta Mikulčić

• Dražen Horvat

• Zoran Poljanec

• Jelena Mihalić

THE TEACHER – the award for those who gladly and successfully share knowledge and experience, was given to:

1. Ana Đanić

2. Matea Rubinić

3. Ivan Tomljenović

Those who stay with us in both good and bad times and were given THE ROCK award are:

2. Matko Čvrljak

3. Jurica Tadić

The QUICK STARTER award was given to the new employees who quickly fit in the team and managed to handle their work tasks:

• Lea Petohleb

• Ivan Tekić

• Katarina Horvat

• Matthias Plantosar

The employee who received the largest number of nominations of her colleagues and was nominated in at least three categories was Ivona Žiža, who was given the OUR BEST award.

The two awards – Our Best and The Force – mean a lot to me! From the very beginning of my ‘accidental’ arrival in our company, I have been trying and learning, I have enjoyed the work and challenges, and now it’s been recognized. The ‘Our best’ award has brought a much bigger smile to my face and it was a big surprise because it’s really nice when you know that your colleagues respect you and see you in a positive light!” Ivona said.

Congratulations to all the award winners!

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