Biospeleological research in the area of Lipovo polje

Project name: Biospeleological research in the area of Lipovo polje

Client: Hrvatska elektroprivreda JSC (Croatian electricity entity)
Period: 08/2016 – 11/2016
Location: Croatia

The main objective of the implementation of biospeleological research in the area of Lipovo Polje was to provide a detailed technical basis for assessing the impact of HPP Kosinj on the ecological network Natura 2000, which will be required as part of Appropriate Assessment.

With the aim of conservation of the Natura 2000 area, explorations of Markov ponor and Dankov ponor sinkholes were carried out as they are the most important speleological objects of the area and have been known as important habitats of Congeria jalzici. In addition, in the area of Kosinjsko polje and the sinkhole zone of Lika River other objects were explored in which the diversity of underground organisms was explored for the purpose of preparing the Environmental Impact Study.

Biospeleological research in Lipovo polje was conducted in 4 phases:

1) Determination of the zero state of biological diversity in the area of Kosinjsko polje and Lipovo polje.

During this phase, 80 speleological objects were biospeleologically explored. New channels were discovered in Markov ponor and Dankov ponor sinkholes and new speleological designs were created. A new site of a large population of Northern-Dinaric cave bivalve Congeria jalzici in Croatia in Dražica sinkhole was discovered.

2) Determination of the population status and ecological valence of the underground fauna with special emphasis on the Congeria jalzici species.

3) Definition of the interdependence of favorable ecological conditions for the preservation of species Congeria jalzici on hydrological, hydrogeological and meteorological factors.

4) Hydraulic-hydrological analyses and preparation for model research for the development of the rule book for HPP Kosinj.

5) Proposals for monitoring the status of water and underground fauna and of meteorological, hydrological and hydrogeological conditions in the sinkhole area of Lika River.

Services provided:

  • Research of biodiversity of underground habitats
  • Biospeleological research of 80 speleological objects
  • Determination of the current state of bivalve population Congeria jalzici
  • Definition of ecological niche of Congeria jalzici
  • Assessemnt of possible impact of HPP on undergroung habitats and species
  • Preliminary hydrologic-hydraulic analyses
  • Monitoring plan
  • Project management and Reporting










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